5 Fun Facts About the Girl Behind Kendo Girl


Meet Lot, the loud, powerful, confident, and funny kenshi who needed a tiny shinai bag and started a unique textile empire.

5. Lot has practiced kendo for half of her life, since the age of 4.

Lot has been quite serious since day one!

4. Lot’s small-ness led to the launch of Kendo Girl Inc in 2014 due to the need for a super tiny shinai bag and none being available online.

Lot with her first fun size shinai bag and bogu bag

3. Her favorite parts of going to taikai are …  “smiling and hugging all the sensei, pocky sticks, playing with my friends, ramen noodles, and staying at a hotel with a pool”

Lot showing her deep dedication to kendo

2. Lot participated in two tournaments before she started kindergarten. New hashtags emerged such as #kendokindergarten #tinykendo and #minikenshi.

No fear!

1. Lot is a fantastic kendo student, but at times needs a little motivation to go to kendo class.

But don’t we all? 

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kendo love

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