Kendo Girl Shinai Safety Guide: Intro!

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Basic Shinai Safety – Keep All Kenshi Safe!

Tis the season for making sure your shinai is in tip top condition and safe for practicing all year round! It is important for all kenshi to take a look at their shinai carefully before and during each kendo practice or event. Especially in climates where the humidity in the air fluctuates (I am looking at you fellow Midwestern-ers), caring for your shinai is a serious responsibility. By caring for your shinai, you can help avoid injuries to yourself and your kendo friends.

Be on the lookout for …

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  • Splinters or cracks, especially on the monouchi (valid striking area of the shinai)
  • Any wear or tears in the sakigawa (leather tip at the top of the shinai)
  • Loose or frayed tsuru (strings)
  • Untied or loose nakayui (strip of leather holding the tsuru in place on the top of the shinai)
  • Torn or broken tsuka (leather handle at the bottom of the shinai)
  • Anything that could result in the shinai coming apart during use!

With frequent quick checks, you can avoid injuries and keep kendo 100% fun and safe!

Stay tuned for the do’s and don’ts of shinai repair, coming soon!
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